Graduated in Cinema School ITIS in Milan .

2008 – 2014 : Working as producer for Big Kahuna Films, one of the most important production company based in Dubai and Beirut. During these years we produce many TVC for:

advertising agencies like: Leo Burnett, JWT,

Satchi&Satchi, Impactc BBDO, BBD, W&R , Drive Dentsu Memac ogelvill. I had produce TVcommercial for the most important MENA brand,

Etisalat , Toyota , Nissan , STC , Arab Bank , Aspire, Ferrero , Chevrolet. Etc. etc.

2008 ‐ 2007 : I worked as freelance producer for some different production house company, Filmworks , Boomtown , Dolce Vita and some others.

2005 ‐ 2007 : Employee as head production , in Dolce Vita film an Italian production company ; with Dolce Vita I started to know better the local Market and I started to produce for some of the very important Advertaising Agencies in Dubai ; Promoseven , Leo Bournett , JWT, satchi & Satchi. etc.etc.

2004 : Moved to Dubai .

During this year, I had the opportunity to be one of the organizer In Saudi , for the the most important Saudi event , the centenary

of Saudi Arabia which was commissioned by the Royal Family once back to Dubai I started to work as a Frelance Line producer for an Italian production house named Dolce Vita. After i had done few projects with them they offer to me to work for them full time as Producer.

1998 ‐ 2004 : I expanded my experience in the movies industry, from the field of production to that of art department and special effects. In this way my knowledge became more complete and passionate.

1991 ‐ 1997 : I started also to organize events and fashion show for the most important italian fashion designers, Versace, Giorgio Armani , Gucci etc.etc. But continuing to work in commercials and Italian movies.

1986 – 1997 : Working in Milano with an Italian Production house and Service house named

Show work as a production assistant becoming in few years line producer. During that time I was producing TVCommercials , mainly for the Italian Market but also for Germany and England Market.