Been born in Cesena the 14\06\1966. He grew here until the age of 20 years, graduating itself to the technical institute in design, mature soon the clean feeling not to be in the right place. In fact he parts to the time of Milan. It is enrolled to the European institute of design, course of advertising technique. Little after he participates to a competition done from Lombardia region "Young for advertising", gaining it and making sure a scholarship. He begins the true and own career. In more or less 10 years he works like art director in the greatest international agencies: Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Young and Rubicam, Bddp, Tbwa and Mc Cann Erickson (where he becomes a creative director for Algida for all the European country). He works for greatest customers, passing periods in foreign city like: Paris, Boston, Bruxell. He works on campaigns for Coke (Football wordwide commercials), light Coke (the lift, worldwide commercial), Swatch, Honda, Fiat, Algida etc all over the world and winning a lot of international awards. Exactly in 2001 he decides to become a director. He begins to shot his ideas, becoming in June of the 2002 director in exclusive for Harold, Production Company in Milan. He shots various commercial with Harold but to year-end he decides to change to Colorado films (exclusive finished in the 2004 - January). In the meantime he works also for various foreign productions companies. Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Karachi, Budapest, Bucharest, Qatar, Kiev, Moscow are only some of the places where he flies in order to shoot commercial for Coca_cola, Swatch, Fiat, Peugeot, Bmw, Ax Toyota (campaign of launch for the Middle East), Way Single.Net (which it wins New York festival and selected for shots in “Young directors” section). In 2005 He shots 4 commercial of one of the more difficult social issue: the recostruction of Iraqi nation transmitted by Al Jazira and all the other middle east TV stations.

Have little signed the commercials of launch of the new series 3 From Bmw and 2 commercials for the launch of Al Jazeera Sports Channel.
In the same years he shots his first feature film “A Christmas Carol” with a lot of famous Italian show man and actors that became a sort of cult movie selling over 250000 copies of dvds. In 2006 and 2007 he keeps shooting a lot

around the world, closing a big exclusive with Park Film Moskow and shooting a lot of commercial for that country like Mc Donalds, Beeline, Sokos. He also, during that time, starts to teach in a big media-university calls “European istitute of comunications and arts” in Milan. In the last years he works a lot for the asiatic market (he shot in China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore) where he shots three commercial for Samsung, then Castrol (with Cristiano Ronaldo), Cold storage and Emos, but also begins to shot a lot of cars commercials: The launch of the new Volkswagen CC, the new Golf and Sagitar the new Fabia and the launch of the new Rapid by Skoda. With some friends he opened a web site for live music which direct backstages at many concerts. He is also the creative and director of the event Air guitar (already in its fourth edition) by Fisherman's friend who also direct a viral campaign, winner of many awards.