I was born in Pordenone April 16, 1974 where I grew up until the age of 12 years .  Then I moved in Rome with my mother as she got a job  at Cinecittà Studios in production department. I lived ’80 years in their essence, with its vices and extravagances, including  end production parties, falling asleep on the sofa at home of the actors and directors in vogue in those years (Carlo Verdone, Jean Marie Volontè..).

During high school, discovered a passion for music, I started to play guitar in various bands and attracted by the first computers began to play, record and compose with the pioneering digital systems till one day, as I followed the boring lectures in the Faculty of Economics and Business,  going up the endless stairs of the classroom, I became aware that this was not to be my way and I got a job in a television production as sound engineer using my knowledge in audio software and hardware. Then it was very natural for me switch from digital audio to the first non-linear video editing and I began to offer me as an editor and due to my musician background between 1999 and 2002 I was able to edit more than a hundred music videos (for the main companies like BMG, SONY,UNIVERSAL, WARNER) as well as documentaries, short films, feature films and commercials (for Italian Tv, Rai and Mediaset working alongside myths like Enrico Ghezzi and Gillo Pontecorvo ).

In 2002 I produced my first documentary film shot in France "Tombè" that won awards throughout Europe. A story unique, experimental, narrating the mysterious life of the gypsies through the eyes of a black angel, inspired by a character of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

In 2005, at the request of friends and established musicians ( Frankie Hi NRG,Riccardo Sinigallia) I started producing experimental music videos that they could have deeper contents of simple musical promotion. I began to realize in this way films in which the appearance and emotional documentary took place to the fakes and out of time structures.

All this without ever leaving my first profession of editor, still continuing to work with directors and house production most valuable of my time. (Maurizio Longhi, Pietro Follini, Fabrizio Mari, Alessio Gelsini, Alex Infascelli, Sophie Le Gendre, and more).

From 2010 to date my interest and the geographic area of my work has been able to expand beyond the borders of Europe, coming up in Asia through the Middle East thanks to a meeting of international house production ( BallPark Moscow, Intaj Film , Nè A Beyrouth, DMG CHINA) and filmmakers like Lorenzo Bassano with which I could also cultivate a great friendship as well as mutual professional respect and and it’s for this reason that  today, together, we decided to tackle this new challenge: Dresscodefilm.